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We are a modern tax firm with old school values

KP Tax Group is made up of Ron Katara and Sulay Parikh. Our core principles (the triple c’s) are commitment, comfortability, and communication. We want our clients to know that we stand by our work and will stand by them through thick and thin.

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Our Services

We are licensed to prepare and file income taxes in all 50 states. The types of taxes we can prepare and file are personal, business, partnership, trust / estate, and non profit. Typical form names are 1040, 1120, 1065, 1041, and 990. Our state of the art software ensures the calculations needed to complete your taxes are all accurate and up to date. We will provide you with a tax organizer to help gather the documents and information necessary to complete your filing. Most of our returns are filed electronically to save our clients time and money however we can mail your return “the old fashioned way” if you prefer.
  • Receiving an IRS or state agency letter can be a stressful and frustrating event. The letter may stem from an inquiry, examination, audit or back taxes. Typically there is a discrepancy between the IRS records and returns filed on your account. The burden of proof and gathering of documents falls upon the taxpayer. Without expert guidance incorrect responses or correspondence with the IRS or state agency can cause unnecessary delays and complications to your account. As successful audit experts we have represented hundreds of clients with their IRS and state agency notices with positive results.
  • Contact, consult or meet you to review your case to advise suitable solutions.
  • Represent you or your business before the IRS or State Taxing Authorities.
  • Work or meet with the IRS or State agents or officers to resolve your tax issues.
  • Keep you updated with every steps we have achieved in your case.
Bookkeeping is one of the key factors for business success and long-term growth. It is a foundation for proper business tax preparation to report business income and expenses that are allowed by Accounting Standards and Tax Laws. We have helped many clients to set up and handle bookkeeping of their business for many years. With our full in house services, we handle your bookkeeping, advisory, business and personal taxes at one time. Contact our Firm for more details.
We help business owners establish, cancel or dissolve California LLC, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, P-Corporation in compliance with Federal and California State requirements and regulations. For business owners who need to terminate, dissolve, add or modify their business structure at anytime we will help transform their businesses per your requests.

What IRS tax dates do I need to remember?

  • Jan 24 – IRS begins accepting and processing e-filed returns and extensions
  • April 18 – Tax Day – Last day to e-file returns and extensions
  • October 17 – Last day to e-file returns with a 6-month extension
  • January 18 – Make last 2021 estimated tax payment
  • April 18 – First 2022 estimated tax payment due
  • June 15 – Second 2022 estimated tax payment due
  • September 15 – Third 2022 estimated tax payment due
  • January 31, 2022 – Deadline for employers to file Form W-2s with the IRS, unless filed electronically (e-file deadline March 31)
  • January 31, 2022 – Deadline for reporting payments to contract workers on Form 1099-MISC

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