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About Us
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Sulay Parikh

Sulay Parikh is an Enrolled Agent and has been in the tax business since 2012. A believer in balance, Sulay brings a strong background in audit defense as well as tax consulting. After graduating University of California Riverside Sulay furthered his education at Cal State Fullerton and University of California Los Angeles extension. Armed with this knowledge Sulay contracted for several firms helping them grow in business and client retention. He found a home when contracting for Accurate Accounting. He and Ron, the other partner of the firm shared a similar ambition to grow and help more clients. He looks forward to taking care of you with your tax and financial matters. Outside of his tax and accounting work Sulay enjoys music, philosophy, exercising, and visiting National Parks.

Ron Katara

Ron Katara is an Enrolled Agent and has been in the Tax Business since 2007. Ron Katara previously was a Partner in the firm Accurate Accounting, where he has helped Hundreds of Clients save thousands  of dollars from the IRS with their taxes. Though Ron Katara originally studied Marketing, he learned everything about Tax and Accounting from his Previous Firm. As of Recently, He has decided to Venture out and Merge with Dan Dannis as well as Partner with Sulay Parikh. He looks forward to taking care of you and all your Tax and Financial matters. Outside of doing Taxes and Accounting, Ron enjoys movies, Working Out, Reading, Traveling and the Beach.


Going the extra mile is what makes getting your taxes done at KP Tax Group special. Whether it is dropping off paperwork to our elderely clients home or helping a client with a messy tax situation get caught up on IRS and State back taxes KP Tax Group will be committed to our clients. We do not take this term lightly, over the past year we were faced with unexpected adversity that tested us to our limits. During this time it was commitment that gave us the strength to keep pushing forward and provide exceptional service to our clients.


Uncomfortability can push you to new levels or break you but comfortability opens up trust and helps develop a lasting relationship. KP Tax Group wants to make the tax and financial process for you as stress free and seamless as possible. We treat all our clients with respect no matter how big or small and strive to exceed expectations. Actively listening to our clients and addressing their needs in an efficient manner puts them at ease and lets them know they are in good hands.


To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” – Tony Robbins This quote really speaks to the way we view communicating with clients and overall in general. “Communication without empathy is like peanut butter without the jelly.” – Sulay Parikh. This quote is me. At KP Tax Group we view communication with our clients as the highest priority. Our communication will lead us to many great experiences and lead us away from problematic ones. – Sulay Parikh