IRS Notices, Back Taxes, Audits

  • Receiving an IRS or state agency letter can be a stressful and frustrating event. The letter may stem from an inquiry, examination, audit or back taxes. Typically there is a discrepancy between the IRS records and returns filed on your account. The burden of proof and gathering of documents falls upon the taxpayer. Without expert guidance incorrect responses or correspondence with the IRS or state agency can cause unnecessary delays and complications to your account. As successful audit experts we have represented hundreds of clients with their IRS and state agency notices with positive results.
  • Contact, consult or meet you to review your case to advise suitable solutions.
  • Represent you or your business before the IRS or State Taxing Authorities.
  • Work or meet with the IRS or State agents or officers to resolve your tax issues.
  • Keep you updated with every steps we have achieved in your case.

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